My Birth Story: Hudson Palmer


{This is the long, unedited version, so grab a bag of popcorn and come along for the ride!}

He’s finally here! A healthy, beautiful 6lb. 14oz. baby boy. Although it took us the whole 9 months to decide on one, I knew we had chosen the right name for him as soon as we saw him.

I had my weekly appointment on Monday and the doctor said I was 2cm dilated. He went ahead and scheduled my induction for that next Monday. I thought to myself “Okay, this is good. Now I know I have a week to get things in order before he comes. “ I should’ve known that babies don’t work around our schedules!

I started having strong contractions on Wednesday evening. I didn’t think I would make it through the night, but they weren’t super close together, so I told Devon we would wait and see how it went. Along came Thursday and the contractions were still pretty sporadic, so I told Devon he should still go to work. I had NO idea we would become a family of four that night!


As the day went on, the contractions kept getting worse, but I was still stuck on waiting to go to the hospital until they were 5 minutes apart. *Hindsight: Do NOT wait that long.* Devon got home from work and I told him I was going to go get a pedicure. I had wanted to get one before Hudson arrived and I had a feeling he wasn’t going to wait until Monday.  He advised me not to go, but being stubborn, I told him I was fine. *Note to self: Listen to your husbands! They usually have your best interest at heart*

So, I got my pedicure while suffering through the contractions.  {Funny story: I tried to hide the pain, but the guy doing my pedicure must’ve seen it on my face because he asked if he was hurting my foot!}  Afterwards, I waddled into Walmart to get a couple ingredients I was missing for dinner. By this point I should’ve known I was in labor because I couldn’t even stand during the contractions. I finally made it back home and immediately threw down the groceries and sat down in the recliner. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cook dinner, but even at this point, I was still stuck on not going to the hospital. I didn’t want to be one of those people that went early just to get turned away because it was too soon. However, it finally got bad enough that Devon insisted that we go right away (and it was a good thing he did). He hurriedly installed the new car seat, loaded Harley in the car, and off we went.


Thankfully, we only live 9 minutes from the hospital; otherwise we wouldn’t have made it in time! Let me tell you, it was still the longest car ride of my life. I could barely walk from the parking garage into the hospital. We made it into labor and delivery by a miracle and they took me to an intake room. They didn’t realize how far along I was until the nurse finally checked me. She immediately had to wheel me to a delivery room and call the doctor. Let me tell you, a natural, and un-medicated birth was NOT on my agenda, but they told me there wasn’t enough time for anything.  Fast forwarding a little bit to spare you the painful and gory details, we welcomed baby Hudson into the world just 32 minutes after arriving to the hospital!

I feel so blessed to have two healthy kiddos and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing husband by my side every step of the way!