Nighttime Skincare Routine

Y’all have spoken! This was a highly requested blog post, so I’m excited to share my routine with you! I’ve been doing this same routine for about a year I think (minus the nights I skipped….oops). An important thing to remember is that your skincare routine should vary depending on your skin type. My skin would be considered combination/oily. Hope you enjoy!



1) Oil Cleanser

I know, I know, oil for oily skin?!  This is a common misconception. Just because your skin is oily, does not mean you need to deprive your skin. In fact, over-drying your skin with harsh products will only make your skin oilier! Your skin will sense that it’s dry and over produce oil. This step has been a game changer for me. I found that with the right products, my skin has become more balanced. I apply a few pumps of this oil to my dry face and massage to dissolve any oils and makeup from the day. Then, I rinse the residue off.

2) Cleanser

Double cleansing makes sure that you really get all of the impurities of the day off of your face. Impurities are what can cause those pesky breakouts to pop up. I wet my Clairsonic and apply a dime size amount of this cleanser to the brush head. (PSA: I got my Clairsonic as a Christmas present over 7 years ago and it works just like new! Pricey, but worth it!). I’ve also linked a few other more affordable cleansing brush options.

3) Toner

 This is an important step to balance your skin’s PH after cleansing.  Apply a generous amount of toner to a cotton round and swipe over your entire face and neck. Don’t forget about your neck! It shows age just as bad as your face. This step also shows what you missed getting off your face during cleansing.

4) Eye Cream

Apply your eye cream gently around the orbital bone (under your eye) with your ring finger. Apply any excess to under your eyebrow area.

 5) Optional: Acne Treatment

None of us are immune! It’s bound to happen every once in a while. If I feel or see a breakout coming on, I’ll apply a thin layer of this treatment to the affected areas and let dry before moving to the next step.

6) Also Optional: Serum

I say this is optional because I don’t always have a serum on hand. If I have some, I apply it all over my face and neck and continue to the next step. I’m still looking for my “holy grail” for this step. Have one you absolutely LOVE? Please let me know, I’d love to try it!

7) Oil/Moisturizer

These steps are combined for me. I put my moisturizer on my fingers and squeeze several drops of this oil onto it. Then, I rub together and apply all over my face and neck. Again, oil is your friend, I promise!!! You may want to start with a smaller amount of drops while your skin gets used to it and then work your way up to more. In the morning, make sure to use a moisturizer with high sunscreen protection! This is a super important step. It not only protects you from skin cancer, but also from premature aging (a.k.a WRINKLES). I like this one because it is lightweight and doesn’t make me oily or breakout (Just read the reviews- they speak for themselves).

And that’s it! Trust me, it sounds way more complicated than it is. It takes probably 5-8 mins max to do this and it is SO worth it. Don’t forget that change takes time! Your skin won’t change over night, but if you take care of it, it will take care of you! Have any products you swear by? Let me know in the comments!