Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

I’ll be the first to tell you, there is no magical prevention or cure for stretch marks! Any person or company that offers you that is just trying to make a quick buck. A lot of what determines stretch marks are your genetics. With that being said, I still definitely recommend taking preventative measures to help your case! Here are the things that have worked the best for me during both of my pregnancies.



This has always been my #1 tip for anyone who asks me. Drinking enough water everyday helps keep your skin hydrated from the inside out! I’m no doctor, but I know this will do more for you than any cream out there! A tip that always helps me keep my intake up is to keep a large bottle of water with me at all times. I also personally drink more when I have a cup with a straw (I don’t know why- just personal preference). I LOVE using my Tervis cup with the straw lid. They have basically any color or design you could want! Mine is this one with the Cactus design. I also found this cute marble water bottle that caught my eye at Walmart- and it’s only $10!

2) Lotion

I know a lot of stretch marks have to do with genetics, but having healthy, moisturized skin is always a good idea to help decrease your chances! I used this one when I was pregnant with Harley and have been using during this pregnancy as well. I love that it’s pretty much unscented and absorbs quickly. Plus, at under $6 a bottle at Walmart/Target, its very affordable! I plan to continue using this even after this pregnancy.

3) Oil

-The first oil I’ll talk about is the Burt’s Bees “Mama Bee Nourishing Oil”. I usually save this step for my night time routine unless I’m not doing anything that day. What I like to do is concentrate the oil on the areas most likely to get stretch marks- stomach, thighs, etc. Then, I’ll usually put the lotion over it after its absorbed. Word of caution though, it has lemongrass essential oil if scents bother you (smells slightly of lemon).

-The other oil I use religiously is the Shea Moisture Argan Oil. It is such a versatile oil. I mix several drops in with my regular lotion when my skin needs an extra hydration boost. It’s also great for your hair! About once a week, I’ll coat my hair in the oil the night before I shampoo. It contains high levels of Vitamin E which promotes hair growth, helps repair damage from over processing, and helps restore your hair’s elasticity. I’ll also use it after styling to help with fly-aways and give it shine. The last use for this oil that I’ll mention is for your face! Argan oil is a great moisturizer/anti-aging product. You can mix a small amount with your fave face moisturizer or just apply several drops directly on your face before bedtime. The best part is it’s under $6 at Target!

4) Work Out

I know, you probably groaned when you read this one. It’s no secret that working out during your pregnancy has a lot of health benefits for both you and your baby. It helps keep your body in shape for labor and can help keep weight gain under control. Weight gain = stretch marks, so you do the math! Now, when I say work out, I definitely don’t mean start a new fitness routine and run yourself into the ground. Even a simple exercise of walking incline on the treadmill can help tremendously! If you can’t make it to the gym, these workout bands are super convenient to get in a great workout ANYWHERE!! Of course, you’ll want to run it by your doctor first, but most doctors recommend a basic fitness routine for healthy, low-risk pregnant women.

And that’s it for my stretch mark prevention routine! I like to keep it simple, but effective. You don’t need to spend top dollar for products that have unrealistic claims. Just know that for some people, stretch marks are inevitable! It’s a completely normal part of the growing process and shouldn’t detract from anyone’s beauty or self-worth. Own them mama! Let me know if you try any of these, I’d love to hear from y’all!

Until next time! xoxo